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When Jesus was asked about the greatest commandment (in Matthew 22), he replied, ‘Love God with everything you have’ and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ In following this command, Powersource strives to be a place where we grow in loving God and loving others. It is our desire to GROW DEEP, GO WIDE, and GIVE BIG.

GROW DEEP: We meet at the Life Center* every Wednesday from 7:00 – 8:30 PM for powerful worship services (doors open at 6:30).

Growing Deeper is all about discipleship: worship, teaching, spending time discussing the Word, and encouraging each other in a small group format once a month (loving God with all we have).

GO WIDE: We meet the first Saturday of each month for fun events geared towards you & your friends.

Going Wider is all about reaching your friends (loving others) through fun events, both on and off campus.

GIVE BIG: We jump on opportunities to serve in the church & community.

Giving Big is all about giving of your time, talents, and treasure. It’s all about using the gifts God gave you to minister to others, by serving in the church (especially on Sundays) and through faithful giving.



At Powersource, we will be the friendliest family in Beaver County, owning our faith and serving others.

We encourage all teens from 7th – 12th grade to come as you are! It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you come from, we want you to be a part of our family as we together grow closer to Him! Our goal is to help you reach your fullest potential in Jesus Christ. We believe this is accomplished through discipleship, relationship, and serving.


The mission of Powersource is to empower youth to redeem their past, reclaim their present, and fulfill their future through the power of Jesus Christ.


Outside of a full time Youth Pastor, Powersource is staffed by adult volunteer leaders. All of them attend NBCA and go through an interview process with the Youth Pastor along with both criminal & child abuse background checks before they begin volunteering with our ministry. Our volunteers range in age, background, and experiences – which offers us a wide variety of people for our youth to connect with. One of the strengths in our leadership team is that many of them are products of our youth ministry!


Since its creation in 1984, Powersource Youth Ministry has been reaching the youth of the Beaver Valley with the life-giving, life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the past 30+ years styles and methods have come and gone, but God’s message and our focus as a ministry have never changed.


Hello Parents!

Did you know your teen has amazing gifts and talents? Did you know that God has an incredible plan for their life? Did you know that the teenage years are supposed to be an exciting and rewarding season for them and for you? The answer for all of these is YES! The truth is, time and time again in Scripture, God used teenagers for incredible purposes (see Jeremiah, Daniel, David, Mary, and so on). We believe the same holds true today! Our desire is to see your child reach their full potential in Jesus Christ and to provide an atmosphere at Powersource in which they grow, they’re challenged, and they’re equipped to win their world for Jesus. Let us partner with you!
By following this Parent’s Top 10 List, we’ll together see your child thrive!

1. Make church and Powersource a priority for your child.

  • The pattern they experience now is most likely the one they will imitate as an adult. It is important that they see that priority in you as well. While they are being discipled on Wednesday nights, let them see you attending Life Groups / Adult Bible Study at NBCA.

2. Make sure they bring a Bible, notebook, & pen – AND USE IT!

  • Ask to see their sermon notes & ask them their favorite point.

3. Ask to see the “1/4 sheet” (announcement sheet) they receive at Powersource and review it with them.

  • This will help teach them the responsibility of planning ahead, responding on time and respecting your time.

4. Please hand in forms and money for camps, conferences, retreats, and activities ON TIME.

5. Build anticipation with your child concerning them attending special events, camps, conferences, and retreats.

  • *It is OK if they can’t go to everything we do – so plan through with them which retreat(s) they are able to attend each year.

6. Be involved in your child’s life – ask them questions… and don’t assume on spiritual or physical matters.

  • Do not allow the television or their friends to introduce and educate them on important life topics.
  • And remember: love to a child is spelled “T.I.M.E.” If you to don’t take the time to teach them the right things – someone or something else will be teaching them what they think is “right.”

7. Call Pastor Daren with any questions – youth don’t always convey information correctly so please clarify with PD and don’t assume.

8. Use us to help:

  • Invite us to agree with you in prayer for a situation going on in the life of your child, knowing these items helps us as we mentor them.
  • We can talk with your child on matters that you feel would be beneficial for your child to discuss with us.
  • We can decipher teen lingo that you don’t understand or we can learn together! #whatdoesthatmean? #haha
  • Remember: You’re not bugging us – this is what we do!

9. Get involved!

  • FOR YOU: There are MANY ways to get involved at Powersource. We are always looking for help with our follow up team (as simple as writing postcards), security team, café team, and many other areas! Only available once a month? Great! Call Pastor Daren to get involved!
  • FOR YOUR CHILD: Your child has amazing talents and we want Powersource to be a place for them to grow in them. If they can sing, play music, create, act, write, design, smile, wave, hug, or even text, we have a place for them. Encourage them to get involved!

10. Pray for our ministry, adult volunteer leaders, and students.




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Pastor Daren & Jillian Duncan